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Review - Asus P3V4X




As usual, I break out the Intel FC-PGA PIII-667 processor and the Asus S370-133 slocket for this test. The 667 uses a multiplier of 5 and a FSB of 133. This means that I'll need an unusually high FSB setting of 160 to even get this thing to 800Mhz. which is my current target.

All the other processors were tested next to see if this motherboard can run them at their pretested levels.

These results are for 100% stable overclocks only with a max. voltage bump of 1.85V for the Coppermines and 2.3 for the older processors.

Stability tests include the running of the following programs all at the same time for at least 6 Hours:

Winamp 2.61 looping endless Techno/Tranz tunes
     - Winamp AVS Plug-in
Prime95 Torture Test
3DMark2000 Looping Demo


Processor Max. FSB Voltage Speed
PIII-667 FC-PGA 148 1.65 740

All the others:

Processor Max. FSB Voltage Speed
PIII-600E FC-PGA 140 1.85 840
PIII-600E Slot-1 148 1.65 888
PIII-450 Katmai 140 2.3 630
PIII-500 Katmai 135 2.3 675
Celeron 366 110 2.0 605

I didn't see any registry errors during my testing, even at some outrageous settings, so that is a good sign that this board is very stable. I was even able to run the Slot-1 PIII-600E at 148 FSB with no voltage tweaks where I needed to up the voltage to 1.85V at an even lower FSB on some other boards (with the exception of the Soyo 6VBA-133).

One strange thing to note though. The highest FSB that I could reach is only 148. I can't seem to go any higher than this no matter what I do (anyone got a hammer???). I hope a bios update will fix this thing up and allow me to use the higher FSBs.

Compatibility wasn't a problem since the P3V4X was able to run all the listed hardware.




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