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Review - Asus P3V4X




This particular review will stray from our normal test equipment just for the sake of those running or are planning to run newer hardware. I'll be using a higher end video card, hard drive and a Slot-1 Coppermine for the tests. 

I'll be testing with the following:

Asus P3V4X Bios Revision: 1003 (Box Settings)


Intel PIII-600E FC-PGA
Intel PIII-600E Slot-1 *
Intel PIII-667 FC-PGA
Intel PIII-450 Katmai
Intel PIII-500 Katmai
Intel Celeron 366

ASUS S370-133
Iwill Slocket II
Matrix Socket 370 to Slot-1 Adapter

64Mb. EagleTEC PC100 SDRAM
128Mb. TTI (Samsung) PC100 ESDRAM 2-2-2
128Mb. Generic (CA) PC100 SDRAM
128Mb. Buffalo (NEC) PC100 Single-sided SDRAM
128Mb. TTI (Nanya) PC133 SDRAM
128Mb. Generic (Nanya) PC133 SDRAM
128Mb. Apacer (Hyundai) PC133 SDRAM *
256Mb. Mugen (Winbond) PC133 SDRAM

Video Cards
3DFX Voodoo3 3000
ASUS V6600 GeForce 256 SDR
Creative Labs GeForce Pro DDR
Guillemot 3D Prophet DDR/DVI *

Hard Drive
Maxtor 13Gb. UDMA66 7200RPM *

Creative Labs Infra 48x 7200RPM *

Sound Card
Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Value *

* - This was used for the actual benchmarks.

All tests were run with the box settings. I didn't do any tweaking in the bios except for the processor settings. Everything else was left alone.

All 3DMark2000 tests used a resolution of 1024x768x16-bit Color.

I used the Via 4-in-1 Version 4.17 drivers in all tests due to a known issue where performance is slower with the newer drivers. I will update this as soon as Via releases new drivers that fix the issue.




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