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Review - Alpha P3125 vs. Globalwin VOS32



Global Win VOS32

Global Win has been around the cooling market since way back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. Well, ok. Not really.

Anyway, with Alpha stealing the limelight with a product that easily kicked everyone else's butt in the slot category, this company had to make something up that could beat it in both cost and performance and restore their place in the cooling arena. After much research and hopeful stuff, this is what they came up with. A hugeass cooler dubbed the VOS32. Pretty catchy 'eh? Click here for specs.

Just like the Alpha P3125, the Global Win VOS32 comes in a nice little box with lots of itty-bitties. The manual is laid out well but could still use some improvements. Also included in the package is a blister pack of Silicone Thermal Compound from a company called Plowstar. It's good stuff and spreads easily.

The VOS32's fin design isn't really revolutionary, but it does work. It's made up of a lot of long, thin fins that really help air pass through them to enhance cooling. Those are 2 Y.S. Tech 4200RPM, 26CFM Fans on top that are included in the package.

Since the VOS32 is designed to be more or less universal when it comes to processors it can work with, the kit includes adapters for Intel PIII or AMD Athlon processors. It can also fit older Intel PII processors that use a clip instead of studs like their newer brethren.

Notice anything different? Well? Ok. You'll also see in the picture that the base where the processors comes in contact with is already smooth and doesn't require lapping. Those holes in the sides are for cooling the L2 cache if your processor has them off-die.

Changing between clip or stud is pretty easy. All you need to do is remove that screw, remove the adapter and pop in the one you want to use, then screw it. The fans on top might get in the way if you have a big screwdriver though, so they might need to be detached prior to the change.

If you are using the stud adapter, this is the spring clip that is used to fasten the unit to the processor. I had some trouble using this as it didn't provide enough pressure which got my processor pretty hot. To alleviate the situation, all I did was bend the upper part of the clip outward a bit. That gave it enough pressure to ensure good contact between the heatsink's base and the processor's slug. Maybe I got a defective unit, I don't know. But if you're having this same problem, this fix will prolly do it.

A nice addition to this kit is the 3-pin Y-Adapter that Global Win decided to include. This is especially useful for you geeks who don't have enough fan headers on their motherboards to accomodate the 2 fans that the VOS32 uses.

Ok. So chop off my nuts if you want but I just had to put this up since I think it looks real slick. It's the sticker that comes with the kit. If you use it, it'll assure that you get subzero temperatures without having to spend a tremendous amount of dough and use only the air that flows inside your case. Yeah, right!!! Well, it does make it look that way. Right?

Here's how the VOS32 did in our tests:

Idle, Ambient at 31.7C

Full Load, Ambient 31.6C

Hmmm. It's not as good as the Alpha P3125's scores but it isn't bad. I don't really think 1C will make such a big impact on your overclocking.

Estimated Street Price (ESP) is at Php 1,500.00.




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