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Review - Socket Cooler Roundup




Another unit from Global Win. These guys pump out heatsinks like there is no tomorrow.

Anyway, now we take a look at the Global Win FKP32. Though it may look puny compared to something like an Alpha or a FDP32, I'll tell you as early as now that this time, size don't mean sh*t. My tests will prove this to you later on. For now, click here if you want the specs.

The clip for mounting it to the processor is also very nicely done. It's strong!!! Even stronger than the ones they used for the FDP32 and FEP32. When you lock this thing down, it ain't goin' anywhere even if you decide to go ballistic on your PC and kick it around. The tab could've been bigger though to make it easier to lock. Dudes with bigger fingers might have a pretty hard time.

A new thing I saw with it is the clip they used to fasten the fan to the heatsink. Instead of using conventional screws, they opted for this. I found this feature rather quirky since it isn't really strong enough to keep the fan from moving. It does make it easier to remove and install the fan by not requiring any tools though. Then again, I doubt a lot of people would be changing fans that often anyway so I would've still preferred the screws just for added strength.

You'll notice that the fins are wider in the upper half. They did this to help avoid any crap like capacitors around the socket area that some mobo manufacturers seem to like placing there. It did fit in my MSI 6309 and Abit BP6 nicely, thanks to this feature.

Cost (ESP): Php 1,000.00

Here's how it performed in our tests:

Idle, Ambient at 30.6C

Full Load, Ambient 30.7C

Like I said, sheer size isn't really everything when it comes to heatsinks. The thin fins and strong fan of the FKP32 really help it move out the heat. This is the same Y.S. Tech 26CFM, 4200RPM fan as on the other Global Win units. They even have a new sticker on it that says Cooltium instead of the old Global Win letterings.

If you're in the market for a heatsink for you K6, Celeron or Coppermine, or whatever socketed processor you own, you really should check out this unit. For the price and performance, it's a real winner.




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